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Supporting the SCMA has its benefits!

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Membership in SCMA Provides Significant Benefits

Most important, as an SCMA member, you will be part of the premiere professional society in Southern California for those who provide mediation services or work in the area of conflict resolution. This group of highly experienced and expert professionals, representing the broadest and most inclusive perspective on conflict resolution, includes full- and part-time mediators, educators, human resources professionals, clergy, therapists, general contractors, real estate agents and brokers, family and divorce professionals, jurists, former jurists, and attorneys. Their range of perspective and breadth of expertise constantly enhances all our work.

Among the many other Benefits of Membership:
  • Ongoing Professional Development Programs that Increase Your Expertise and Satisfy Continuing Education Requirements.

SCMA offers Professional Development Seminars (PDS), Institutes, annual conferences, study groups, networking mixers, and other events throughout the year. Most of them offers hours of MCLE and can be applied to the required hours of training for court mediators. The schedule is continually being updated and expanded, and is listed on the home page of this site. San Diego members will be especially pleased with the expanded programs scheduled in their area.

  • Increased Professional Visibility

As a member you will be listed on our website under the “Find a Mediator” tab for people who are looking for a mediator experienced in their area of conflict. In addition, attending the meetings and becoming an active member of a committee provide the opportunity to become known to others in the field as well as potential clients. We also encourage members to submit articles on their areas of expertise for publication on the website.

  • Lower Cost Professional Liability Insurance

SCMA membership entitles you to pay the “association rate” for mediators’ professional liability insurance through Complete Equity Markets, Inc., an especially important benefit for community and non-attorney mediators.

  • Special Membership Benefits for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits can join SCMA for just $450 per year and name three individuals as designated members. That’s just $150 per person, a significant saving that will benefit your organization.

  • Professional Updates

SCMA keeps the membership informed of developments in the field, including legal decisions that will affect their practice, and programs and trainings available from other organizations as part of its communications with members.

  • Participation in Ongoing Activities

Joining an SCMA committee puts you directly in touch with some of the most active members in the field and lets you participate directly in managing the organization while expanding your business opportunities. Contact the committee chairs directly for detailed information on their activities:

Programs: Wendy Kramer, chair:

Communications, including the website: L. Therese White, chair,; for the website: Scott Berman,, and Joe Markowitz,

Membership Development: co-chairs: Hass Sadeghi,, and

Maria Simpson,

Liaison and Affiliations: Sam Konugres, chair,

  • Wonderful New Friends

Last but certainly not least of SCMA membership benefits is the opportunity to develop lasting new relationships with professionals who support peaceful approaches to conflict resolution. Mediators are generally warm, friendly, peace-seeking people. SCMA is chock full of these people, and we will welcome you warmly.

Questions? Contact the Membership Committee co-chairs:

Hass Sadeghi,, and Maria Simpson,

Southern California Mediation Association
Southern California Mediation Association

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