About SCMA

The Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) was founded in 1989 to respond to the growing interest in mediation as a profession and an effective adjunct or alternative to the legal system, arbitration and other forms of problem solving.

SCMA is a tax-exempt association formed as a 501(c) 6, the classification designated for organizations whose primary purpose is the development and promotion of a professional activity.

While promoting mediation as a profession, SCMA supports and contributes to each professional member’s individual standing as a provider of an important, marketable service. SCMA also recognizes the critical role of volunteer, public and nonprofit dispute resolution agencies as fellow peacemakers, facilitators and experience-based training institutions for mediators.

As a courtesy and attraction to business, corporations and nonprofit entities, SCMA opens its membership to supporters and users of mediation. These members become privy to developments affecting the field, especially those which impact problem solving in their fields as well as the system of justice in our culture.

Other benefits of membership include discounts on practical seminars and timely access to some of the nation’s top providers of mediation and collateral services.

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